Thursday, February 18, 2010

What Is Love - Baby Don't Hurt Me!

Love in its simplest

Love in its simplest is a comprehensive response to real needs of man. A loved one is a person who as a child meet his needs, attention Lthiotio questions, answers wishes Ovbhirotio dignity and consideration.

Lack of love is a condition in which a person feels is missing. He does not get its surroundings or of his partner what he needs or what he needs so he feels part, divided, incomplete, unsatisfied and do not really like or love.

What I really need?

Everyone has different needs, different emphases, different tendencies and things are red lines. If we do not like someone, if we hate someone, if we do not connect to anyone - a sign that he is unable to give us what we really need.

Love is revealed when we come into contact with someone who meets us on some very key needs and makes us feel whole again. For example, could be central to sexual attraction, emotional enthusiasm, consideration and empathy, building external shape, aesthetic approach to life, wisdom, support, tendencies or significant interest in common issues or any other purpose.

One reason for marital ties or even fail over time, is where one spouse is unwilling or unable to give the other important needs him.

As a result, the other end does not allow the deepening relationship or simply leaving the relationship. People abandoned or abandoned their lives must understand that the reason is usually their inability to address real needs of the other side. As a result, abandoned by the other side simply looking for another order to meet his needs.

What I really could give?

Tip end: Love is not an abstract concept. This simple concept even largely technical and can be measured by the simple question: Do I get my partner what I really need it and if I give my partner what is really important to him? These two questions related to each other and to be loved both must respond positively.

Is what I get for me? Is what I give to meets the needs of the other side?

If you do not get your partner what you really need - will not be happy and loving them as you can be fully and most likely last you leave the relationship or at least will create a relationship based artificial constraint on pretense.

If you do not provide your spouse and their real needs, if you can not give them those needs or if you are unwilling to give them their most important needs or if you have trouble identifying them real needs of your spouse - the end of your relationship will fade away, love is not musculature of your relationship and most likely part with.

How to love? How to be loved?

To be loved you need to know to identify the real needs of your spouse and provide them with them if you can. If you can give them what they really need - they will love you guys would show great love for you.

If you can not do it because you can not give them what they need or that you just can not recognize it - you will not love your partner but a lot of rejection, frustration, anger, misunderstanding and poor communication. That love really is to give exactly what the other side really wants to be loved is to get exactly what you need by someone else.

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