Thursday, February 18, 2010

Toronto Relationships: Happiness in the Air!

Little moments of happiness are most important. We have many of those, so you want us to know to distinguish them. Diagnose them and keep them in our memories forever. Today I had such a moment. A rare quality. A moment that it gave me my partner immediately, unconditionally and without horse . a moment that was important for me to no end. one of those moments you voters about the nature of love the same woman to me. Love has.

I can not specify the moment. Can not say it was a request from me to her. Application was the culmination of a difficult situation, I was. It was a situation happened to me. I was causing him. She had no part in it. However, I was the immediate response Yes. Yes short decisive and clear. without but, if, it seems, depends, we wait all those titles, or restricting the positive answer.

End of the day I did not have the same right to her. But, this does not change the situation one. Knowing that I have the positive response in which I was subjected to harsh. Knowing this was more to provide. She was everything to me.

We met this afternoon and talked about it. She did not understand why so excited. "I'd do anything for you, my father and you know it," she said, blushing slightly. Know that. I'll do everything, but still all right for her. Preference me itself made me a little moment of happiness that makes my life full of varnish, so happy, so odd.

Evening. After our daily walk. She went to visit my mother and I ... all I wanted to sit down and take a little longer and a lot from that little moment of joy that gave me Simti early morning of this day week.

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