Thursday, February 18, 2010

Marriage Problem? Why leaving is so easy for some...

How difficult it is our ego was hurt by a loved one a prurient or wanted. The fact that during the act of separation from our ego does not allow us to hit switch easy separation from the same person.

On the contrary, as our ego hit harder, as our dignity humiliated, as we were exposed to the full Marumino - that separation is revealed as almost impossible, and she becomes Lavssih or compulsion to love, an endless search for him, an inability to forget tendency to perpetuate it in our lives to the phenomenon mythological.

Separate ego - not the person

Frida real difficulty is to separate a loved one but bloody ego hurt himself. Flexible people are able to separate ego spouses more easily than people with an inflated ego or vulnerable.

Those who can leave his ego - can not part with his partner and he continues to fight them from the relentless pursuit behind them, them obsession sometimes even "romantic murder" is basically an act of love but an act of revenge resulting from damaged ego is not ready to accept humiliation, abandonment harming.

In fact, the ego itself does not allow us to separate spouses never loved or wanted because of pain and humiliation and the desire to take revenge on them for the injustice done to us the deep threat for no fault Bcfino.

Still separate people - that helps the ego to recover the time that life times new opportunities that in retrospect realize that the connection was not really that good or that finding true love.

Ego does not allow us to say goodbye to the world because of the pain and humiliation and the desire to take revenge

Tip ending: farewell with a wounded ego is not easy at all. Have to deal with the damaged ego to ease pain of separation.

Separation can be done by giving up the ego, ego reinforcement or revenge

Easy separation of a pair can be done either by giving up the ego and readiness to understand the ego is an enemy or an obstacle to a healthy life and release destructive associate.

Another way is easy farewell by strengthening the ego - for example, darkening the successful career double abandonment damages or finding partners for example, better spouses who left us. Third Way is easily separated through revenge and humiliation, by reversing the forces and creating a situation in which we can restore our beloved, only to abandon them ourselves.

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