Thursday, February 18, 2010

Toronto Dating: Truth is Power...Nothing More.

Every man his truth.

Each takes a different reality, and not always perceived is real.

Still, her perception, even if it is very far from reality, is part of the truth of that person.

Past experiences, emotions and the specific nature of each person are those that lead to a shape which that person catches it or think about things.

Image can select one person, something very romantic and exciting; contrast to another human being, the same image can cause a lot of thoughts that accompany existential fears and pain.

When the pair reaches double advisor, most times he comes with a heavy bag of complaints. Everyone complains about the other. Cshmsiimim the list of claims, comes the question of an advisor.

Who here right? Of course not always spoken so loudly asked, but there is an expectation for an answer.

You can not give an answer to this question, especially in the early stages of the treatment process.

Principle does not really matter who is right. It is not what matters. Knowledge of who is right and who is not, it's not rehabilitate the relationship.

Instead of trying to understand who is right, about patients understand the pursuit of justice will not lead them anywhere in the therapeutic process. Understand the spouse, the needs of everyone, the feelings of every one, and communicate properly is what will lead the couple to take responsibility and be rehabilitated.

Each of his truth. True individual; borders must be true with respect. Non-judicial truth is part of the man himself.

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