Thursday, February 18, 2010

Toronto Dating: Down Payments on Love and Relationships

Did you think to yourself how you invest in your relationship? How do you maintain it and reality demanding daily routine of life? You think what you do to preserve the love and passion? Do you know what's good for your partner? What hurts him really hard? What do you do for him to express your love? What does he do for you?

When I ask couples in marital therapy, the last time was an intimate conversation open and honest, usually the answer is' we could forget 'or' early relationship, and sometimes' never '. Parity is a dynamic, evolving system and the need to invest in it and nurture it every step of marriage and family life. There's always the situations and reasons that can prevent us from doing, the question of what we choose.

Here are some ideas for creating good relationships and enriching. So that they will not remain an only recommendations, the first stage 2-3 ideas you choose easily implement for you persisted with them. Then moved on.

1. Esteem and mutual respect - that the base link.
2. Receive after receiving the different perception of life style.
3. Open communication skills include listening, empathy, expression of needs and feelings.
Try to develop an intimate conversation. Where you can express what you feel,
What you need, what you fear. To come out the other assumption
Read your mind and know how you feel and want.

4. Tzvro anger and to avoid conflicts. Found their way to express the anger constructively: Style accusations comptroller huh anything goes. Share feelings, emotions, expectations, such as hard for me that ..., I expect that ... Important to me that .. I would love him .. It hurts me that .... Talk of this kind invites closer.
If you have trouble doing such a dialogue by yourself consider counseling with double handles.

5. Try to keep the giving was characteristic of your honeymoon period.

6. Adopt small gestures of affection activities, things without great expense and not take a long time such as a compliment, write "love note", sms ungrudging, hug, surprises, bring flowers or anything else that you know your partner loves Ben. Do not expect immediate change and action.

7. Predetermined time planned and set a meeting between you during the week. Keep the meeting short conversation in which one talks the other listens. This dialogue should be focused on you. Try not to run away and talk about others.

8. Son shared space or recreation joint action (a weekend together, marching together, cooking together or any activity you choose). However, take, allowing the personal space, each with its pleasures hobbies.

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